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Our contribution to trust and fairness

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Breakdown of our hourly rate

Employee gross monthly salary

including holiday and Christmas bonus1

Employee gross hourly wage2

Employee fringe benefits3

22.22 % employer contribution4

20.0 % cost of services5

Hourly rate6

Temporary employment factor

Gross hourly wage

22.22% employer contribution

Employee fringe benefits

20.00% cost of services

4) Employer contribution


Pension and unemployment insurance


Health and long-term care insurance


Employer's liability insurance association and compensatory levy


Insolvency levy and allocation 2


22,22 %

1) Includes e.g. Ø holiday and Christmas bonus (according to iGZ/DGB collective wage agreement)

2) Based on 173.33 hours per month (according to iGZ/DGB collective wage agreement)

3) Fringe benefits include paid absences such as holidays, vacation and sick days

6) Hourly rate based on 131.7 net hours at 40 hours per week, including service charges and paid absences