Our Transparency

wu personal, Personaldienstleister, IT Jobs, Jobs, Jobvermittlung
wu personal, Personaldienstleister, Stellenangebote


We value face-to-face contact and only promise what we can deliver.
We are a dependable partner for our applicants, providing them with
information about the length of the project, the contract, the
assignment and the general conditions.


We deal with each other fairly and openly. We pay a fixed monthly salary and a project allowance from your first day on the job. Fixed points of contact and regular feedback meetings are a matter of course.
 Our transparent pricing model guarantees that we do not make unreasonable profits at the expense of our staff.

wu personal, Personaldienstleister, Stellenangebote
wu personal, Personaldienstleister, Stellenangebote


We stand for fair market hourly rates and openly reveal our service costs. Projects are calculated individually, transparently and understandably, and legal requirements such as equal pay and maximum temporary employment periods are strictly implemented.

“We are the inventors of the pricing model”