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Press release | 05/2022

Personnel services in times of crisis

The consequences of the reform of the Temporary Employment Act and the coronavirus pandemic have had a significant impact on the temporary employment sector. According to the Federal Employment Agency, the number of temporary workers fell by around 216,000, from an average of around one million in 2018, to 784,000 on a rolling annual average in the year up to June 2021. Even though the business situation of personnel service providers continued to deteriorate at the end of 2021, expectations for 2022 were still very optimistic. Then the war began.

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Commentary | 04/2019

Temporary work is the workbench of the Federal Employment Agency

The Temporary Employment Act came into force two years ago on 01/04/2019, and the Federal Employment Agency has now published new statistics on the temporary employment industry. The amendments to the Temporary Employment Act and the way temporary work has developed call for close scrutiny.

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PT-Magazin | 01/2019

Maximum transparency and 30% lower costs

With their business model based on transparency, fairness and social responsibility, two long-standing managers in the industry now wish to revolutionise nothing less than temporary employment with a new company and five locations. Employees, in particular, are intended to benefit from this.

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Computerwoche | 11/2018

Bringing transparency to temporary staff placement

The newly founded Munich-based personnel service provider wu personal is committed to greater transparency in its cooperation with applicants and companies. It intends to lay open its pricing model and all employer requirements.

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Press release | 11/2018

Temporary work really is temporary work